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About HobbyDisplay

HobbyDisplay is a one-step solution for individuals or businesses to inventory, display, and/or sell collections... all from a spreadsheet! It's really that simple!

The best way to get a feel for what HobbyDisplay can do for you is to check out what some of our Hobbyists have done already!

Getting Started

Signing Up

One of the great things about signing up for HobbyDisplay is how easy it is! While you do not need to make an account on HobbyDisplay, you will need to have a Google account to edit your Google Sheets spreadsheet and a PayPal account to make recurring annual payments.

Due to the high level of customization we provide our Hobbyists, please allow between 24-48 hours after signup for your account to go live.

Image Hosting

HobbyDisplay is excited to announce that we recently added the option for users to host their images directly on HobbyDisplay! We know there is a lot of frustration out there with many image hosting sites like Flickr, Imgur, Photobucket, etc. when it comes to having the ability to share your images on message boards. You won't have those problems with HobbyDisplay!

Editing Your Spreadsheet

Everything you edit in your spreadsheet will be reflected on http://www.hobbydisplay.com/username/. When you first sign up, you will see a few sample entries in your spreadsheet to give you an idea of how this works--but please replace those entries with your own stuff!

Your Google Sheet has tabs across the bottom that you can edit to customize and update your HobbyDisplay pages, including: Database, CategoriesAndSubcategories, Profile, and Collections. Take a look at each of these, make some changes, and then refresh your HobbyDisplay page to see the changes take place almost instantly!

Do not rearrange your columns! This will throw off the display.



At this time, HobbyDisplay currently does not charge anything more than our annual service fee. That is, there is no transaction fee for any sale facilitated on HobbyDisplay! Please use your profile page to update your contact and payment information so that buyers can reach out to you to make a purchase.

Do not add any other symbols (including the $ symbol) to the prices listed for your item in your spreadsheet if using the store template as this will have an impact on your PayPal integration.

Users currently need to make note of the item they are purchasing during checkout. This is something we are working to improve, but in the meantime it is a good idea to have different prices for every item just in case the buyer makes a payment without noting what the payment is for.


Making a Purchase

HobbyDisplay is a service to connect hobbyists, buyers, and sellers. When you purchase an item from the HobbyDisplay website, please be aware that you are not making the purchase from HobbyDisplay. Do your homework, make sure the seller is reputable, and please understand that under no circumstance is HobbyDisplay liable should you have any trouble with your transaction.

Reporting a Problem

If you have trouble with a seller, we'd like to know! HobbyDisplay will reach out to the seller and let them know that they may be in violtation of our terms of service and may be temporarily suspended or disallowed from using the HobbyDisplay service.

Tips and Tricks

When Stuff Goes Wrong

If something happens to go wonky between your sheet and your page, you can go to File > See Revision History, click a previous version you know was working, and then click the green button that appears that says “Restore Previous State."

If you are still having problems or have another question, considering joining our Community to see if your fellow hobbyists can help you troubleshoot! Representatives from HobbyDisplay will be monitoring the Community and are always willing to help!

Spreadsheet Tips

A number of helpful tutorial videos will be here soon to help you become an efficient Google Sheets pro!

Cancelling Service

If at any time you are no longer interested in using the HobbyDisplay service you can simply cancel your recurring payment to HobbyDisplay from your PayPal account. Please be aware, however, that you are charged annually and that prorated refunds will not be issued from the date of cancellation.

After notice of cancellation is received your collection will no longer display on HobbyDisplay. However, you will still have full access to editing your spreadsheet, and your can rejoin HobbyDisplay at anytime using your same username and spreadsheet!

Terms of Service

Details coming soon